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Simply an Easier Faster Smarter EGFR mutation test.

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One blood draw, 73 cancer genes, Ultra-high-fidelity results

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About Sanomics

Sanomics is a pioneering genomics technology company based in Hong Kong. Using a new generation of proprietary technologies, Sanomics offers blood-based genomics testing for cancer patients. Genomics biomarker is essential to personalized management of cancer. A classic example is the identification of epidermal growth factor receptor mutation (EGFR mut) as biomarker for the use of EGFR targeted therapy for lung cancer patients. These oncogenic mutations occur in tumor cell and genomics testing is routinely done in the tumor biopsy. However, feasibility and quality of biopsy are not always possible nor available. As an alternative, we are now capable of detecting the abnormal mutation from plasma DNA. Presence of absence of the abnormal mutation will help doctor to determine the treatment strategy.

About p-EGFRTM Test

Doctors may select patients with suspected or confirmed lung cancer and send a tube of blood sample to Sanomics to perform the p-EGFR test. Our company will determine the status of EGFR mutation from the extracted cell-free DNA. This will provide an efficient and low risk method to determine this important genomics information for clinical management. Result will be available in two working days upon sample arrival.

Droplet Digital PCR

The technology is particularly useful for the detection of mutant DNA sequences in a large quantity of background wild-type sequences. Its detection limit can be up to 0.1% fractional concentration of mutant-to-wildtype DNA copies.

About Guardant360

The 73-gene blood test includes all guideline-recommended somatic genomic targets in a single test. Unlike hotspot tests, Guardant360 sequences complete exons so as not to miss uncommon or rare mutations. Based on the tumor genomic profile, clinicians receive a report of actionable genomic alterations and a list of FDA-approved treatments and clinical trials for which the patient could be eligible.

For further details: www.guardanthealth.com/guardant360/

Sanomics will distribute Guardant360’s test package and handle local servicing in Hong Kong and Macau. Guardant Health will perform all testing at its facilities in Redwood City, Calif.